Painting days with children in kindergartens, schools and SFO
per day 4.200 kr.
Painting days in nurseries per day 3.400 kr.
Staff Training 3 hours 4.900 kr.
Staff Training 6 hours 7.000 kr.
In all the prices VAT is excluded and materials are included.

Transport and accommodation must be added to the price for projects outside Copenhagen.

Kindergarten children learn skills and successful experiences. The work consists primarily of drawing through observation. There is room for contemplation in each task.
Each session consists of: finger gymnastics, work of the day, looking at the paintings.
The children paint in small, age differentiated groups (8 children) about 30 minutes every day in 3-4 days.
The resulting products can be watercolour paintings or large acrylics for decoration.
Duration: a week or single days
Number of participants: Max. 7 teams of 8 children a day.

School children learn skills and get successful experiences. Each child's painting will be beautiful and special and will be a part of a whole with the other children's pictures. It creates an overwhelmingly beautiful effect.
I guarantee success by: Limited tasks with room for individual choices and the combination of drawing by observation and patterns.
Size of the class is about 20 (a class). I can work with 2-3 teams a day.
Each team works for 1 1/2 hour a day. Preschool classes 1 hour.
The resulting products can be watercolour paintings or large acrylics for decoration.
Duration: a week or single days
Number of participants: 40-60 children a day

The children will get a task each day. The motifs are lines and circles, long lines, a branch, a stone. The youngest children will doodle, the older children will draw.
There is room for investigation and experimentation.
The feeling in the room must be calm and kind.
The children paint in small groups (4-6 at a time), a well known teacher will be present.
They will be painting for about 15 minutes, which is the time children in the age of 1 1/2 – 3 years old can hold their concentration.
They will paint some days in a row, 3-4 days is really good, in that way the children will feel safe by knowing the workflow. The week will end with an art exhibition.
The products can be watercolour paintings or large acrylic paintings for decoration.
Duration: 3-4 days of painting and a day for hanging up the paintings – or single days
Number of participants: 6-7 teams of 4-6 children a day

For supporting children's artistic development.
For Nursery and kindergarten teachers, school teachers, art teachers.
The course varies between:

  1. Theoretical teaching about children's drawing development and how adults support the children in this, completion of pictures and documentation.
  2. Practical art tasks with room for contemplation, among this teaching about materials and colours.  


Artist: Britta Johanson